Shoe-a- holic?

12 Nov

Is there such a thing as having too many shoes?

I have to say I agree! Some people just hoard a bunch of shoes, which they never end up wearing for years. It’s like they keep it in their closet as a souvenir. Reminding them of good old days and bad ones too. I’m a firm believer that having too many shoes says a lot about you.

Symptoms of Shoe-a- holic:

  • You’re unable to let go and still have those shoes from your prom
  • You have a lot going on in your life and don’t even know how many pairs you own
  • You’ve already bought a pair of shoes for your wedding but still need to find that special someone to join in the ceremony
  • You’re confused about what fashion direction you want to move towards so you just buy anything you think is cute, or your friend thinks is cute
  • You might be lazy and too tired to go through everything is what you tell yourself every time you enter your shoe closet
  • You secretly think that one day you’ll give all your old pair of shoes to your daughter and pass them on as a vintage collection

If you exhibit any of these symptoms here’s the reality, you need to throw out, donate or give away your old shoes in order to make room for new ones. This will take a lot of will power but my motto is, if you haven’t worn them for a full four season cycle then they aint yours anymore!

The good news is that by throwing it away, you can put more thought into who you are now. And YES your fashion sense is constantly evolving and IT’S OKAY to feel this way. Start today by going in your closet and letting go of your shoe hoarding collection – there might be one or two you’d like to keep – but stop being a Shoe-a-holic. I guarantee you’ll feel as fresh as a summer’s morning once this shoe mess is cleaned up!

If you’re interested in giving away your shoes you can check some of these cool organizations that will pay your shoes forward:

Souls 4 Souls

Tom Shoes

Donate your old Shoes

One Response to “Shoe-a- holic?”

  1. Hepburn Hilton November 12, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    I do not agree – not all shoes need to be worn every year. Some are just for decoration!

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