“A Women’s Right to Shoe”

11 Nov

So who could forget one of the most popular episodes of Sex in the City where Carrie is made to feel ashamed about her shoe fetish when her Manolo’s go missing at a friends party? That episode really spoke to me – whether you love Stiletto’s or just prefer Pumps you should be able to freely express your Shoe fetish cause you know what: “Hater’s will be Hater’s!!!

Why is it okay for women or men to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy car, or a watch, a ring, even a vacation?? But when a girl just wants to feel sexy and alive with a pair of high end shoe she’s immediately shunned by people!

Have you ever attended a party wearing that perfect heel the one that makes you feel like superwoman and then there’s that one Shoe hater who gives you that look of death?

Or when you leave your shoe at the door entrance and your shoe somehow ends up in a spin cycle of random people trampling on those $400 pair of L.K’s or $700 Loubies. Well that’s happened to me folks and I was a mess. I found myself taking my shoes and hiding them under the couch or in a room, really any where away from people. I got a lot of weird and awkward stares like something was wrong with me. But they just don’t get it!

So I’m here to tell you that Shoes are like candy…once you let someone else lick them, touch them, trample on them even wear them at times, they’ve been tainted. And a women’s right to shoe is exactly what that means..a Right that should be given to everyone no matter where they come from or what shoe size they happen to be!

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